• Brothers Quality Meats - In-house, Smoked Pork Sandwich Meats

    Our homemade roast pork, chicken
    and beef will treat your taste buds.

  • Brothers Quality Meats - Stuffed Pork Chops

    Stuffed pork, seasoned to
    compliment any side dish.

  • Brothers Quality Meats - Chicken Kabobs

    Fresh, marinated chicken kabobs
    that will start the summer off right.

A Legacy of Quality

A third-generation butcher raised in the heart of Alberta beef country, Mike Noonan knows the meat business.

Mike grew up in Edmonton, where his father and grandfather owned a shopping-mall-sized meat-packing company that supplied top-quality meats to most of the region’s hotels and restaurants.

Although Mike had planned on a career as a veterinarian or an architect, the family business proved to be his destiny. He started working in the plant at age 16 and has been in the business ever since.

Mike started Brothers Quality Meats in Edmonton in 1995. In 2008, he and his wife, Laurie, relocated to Kingston. Since their arrival, Brothers Quality Meats has been committed to ensuring that Kingstonians have access to the finest-quality beef, poultry, and pork products available.

Brothers sources all of its beef from trusted Alberta suppliers, and augments it with premium chicken and pork products from local Ontario producers who meet Mike’s rigorous standards. They age and butcher all of the meat they sell in their 2,800-square-foot shop in the Clock Tower Plaza. They smoke and process all of their cold cuts and sausages on the premises. And they prepare all of their stuffed meat dishes, kabobs, casseroles, and sides fresh every day.